Tuesday, August 26, 2008

At Least It's Not Barney

There's a song that will entrance our daughter like a chicken immobilized in the hypnotically unwavering gaze of Al Gore. (What? You didn't see him hypnotize a chicken on Letterman? Get out.)

It's not completely bizarre. My wife and I knew that she would recognize music she heard in the womb, it's just unusual that she chose this particular song:

crappy version from youtube because I'm too lazy to find a good one

She heard it once. During the season finale of Dr. Who (don't judge), and yet the opening baseline will completely freeze her mid-tantrum. She has been in the middle of some of her loudest, angriest screaming binges, completely ignoring the rocking, patting, shushing, and cuddling, but voodoo child will stop her in her tracks. And half the time it puts her to sleep.

If only I had known earlier that subwoofers would be an essential nursery component...


Music Wench said...

LOL Definitely better than Barney. My oldest granddaughter took a liking to I Love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett. That was fine by me because her mother's side of the family likes country music and I am still fighting that by exposing her to more classical, jazz, rock and other things that aren't country or rap. Well, selective country. Mary Chapin Carpenter for example. Oh and Johnny Cash.

PMJG said...

One could certainly do worse than Joan Jett! Good luck fighting that musical battle, though.

Speaking of her mother's musical tastes, it's weird how rap and country seem to be intersecting more frequently these days, with the country remakes of rap songs, the rap videos that are tributes to movies like "Smokey and the Bandit," etc.