Thursday, June 5, 2008

An Open Letter to McDonalds

Dear McDonalds:

When are you going to get a liquor license? Seriously.

I have heard tell of magical restaurants in Germany that look like regular McDonaldses but offer McBier. And if there's one thing that Germans are known for—besides their childlike sense of wonder and love for all things whimsical—it's their ability to set trends that the rest of the world cannot help but follow without any reservations whatsoever.

So, how long does the U.S. have to wait? Sure, after a tough day I can bury my snout in a brace of cheeseburgers, or drown my sorrows in a trough of french fries, but something is missing. How long must I wait until you can give me what I'm really longing for, the quarter pounder with scotch?



Music Wench said...

LOL I think perhaps getting that at the drive thru might be the problem! McBier, eh? Another reason to visit German again....

PMJG said...

Quite. They'll need to offer McChauffeurs (or McFahrenmensch, or whatever the German variant would be) as part of the full McHammered offerings menu.